The following page is badly out of date and should be considered obsolete at this point in time.

This was thrilling to compile. This is ongoing thrills to convert to nice clean wiki formatting.

r13 has ranked pages to be converted in priority order. Pages that are crossed out and have a link next to them are ones that I have copy and pasted into the wiki. THEY ARE NOT DONE BEING CONVERTED YET. New pages should be made in a new hierarchy; "Old Site Whatever" is not where things should stay. Most are in disgusting auto-HTML-to-wiki markup, some are in a terrible wiki-but-not text format. You (whoever is doing this) must go through each page and verify each link. If a link is dead, Google search to try and find it again. If it's really gone, check the internet archive for it and make a page for it here, including salvaging any images you can. Some links go to other Polycount pages; find the wiki page that replaced that link and correct the link (unless it's a later priority, in which case leave it or make a placeholder wiki page and note that in the list). You also need to go through and clean up all the wiki formatting: it's been converted automatically from the original HTML, so it is really digusting, or it's just plain text, in which case it needs to be formatted in the first place. Some pages have duplicate information. Others are totally outdated and need to be rewritten. Still others need to be combined with existing resources on the site or with other pages. These pages should be nice and clean and mostly plain text so we can put them on the main Polycount site again. That is all.

Please keep things in the list format. Dynamic pages that will be difficult to redirect properly are in italics.

General Links

Download Database

Other Models and Skins


Under Resources, there are these directories and significant files. Directories without any sub-content just have an index.shtml file in them listing resources elsewhere on the net. Most directories also have lots of other directories with supporting files, like images and stuff, which aren't listed for brevity.

Also what I'd consider resources are:

Not Linked To

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